5PRO Nutrition Protein Cookies, Kosher & Gluten Free, 16g+ Protein (Variety 6 Pack – 2 of Each Flavor)
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All of our cookies are Kosher and Gluten FREE Finally a protein cookie that is healthy and still tastes like a cookie! 5PRO’s cookies contain at least 16g of protein per cookie and are a great solution for an on the go snack or meal replacement. Try all 3 flavors & find your favorite! About 5PRO Nutrition Growing up, we were one rowdy household of five brothers who pushed each other to be the best we could be. We used that drive and competitive spirit to transform these 5 bros into 5 pro athletes—four of us in the NFL and one in the MLB. Since fitness and health have always been an integral part of our daily lives, it’s important to us to have snacks on hand that are packed with the nutrients we need to fuel our action-packed days. And what better than a delicious cookie? That’s why we created 5PRO Nutrition. Our cookies are loaded with protein and most importantly, they taste great! Stay hyped and welcome to our team, The Gronkowski Brothers

16g+ of Protein Per Cookie, Our First Ingredient Is Protein!
Kosher, Gluten Free, and High Fiber.
The Ultimate Meal Replacement and Snack on the Go – Our cookies are a convenient source of protein and are delicious.
5PRO is created by the Gronkowski Brothers, 4 Played Professional Football and the oldest brother play professional Baseball

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