ABS Stimulator for Women, Abdominal Muscle Trainer Smart Body Building Fitness For Abdomen/Arm/Leg/Hip Training, EMS Electric Abs Muscle Stimulator for Men and Women, Home Gym Fitness Equipment
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Product Description

abs stimulator
abs stimulator

Wanna a charming body? Maybe today you can try Innocareer abs stimulator…

We suggest reading the user manual before using this muscle trainer, please follow the guide to operating, avoid incorrect operation.
It is recommended to increase the intensity from the lowest level step by step.
Please clean the body parts before use, do not apply any skincare products on the skin in using the unit. It may cause a poor adhesive force of gel, and a poor sense of stimulation.
Conductive gel pads should be replaced after 30 times use to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort during your workouts.

muscle stimulator

muscle stimulator

muscle trainer

muscle trainer

ab trainer

ab trainer

abs trainer

abs trainer

Rechargeable Main Device

Designed with a three-in-one charging cable, it can charge the three control devices at the same time. When charging, the middle light becomes red. When fully charged, the light will turn off. Note: please do not touch the back metal of the control devices when charging to avoid shocking.

Lightweight and Portable

The muscle trainer is only about 8.11oz in totally. Very convenient to put into backpack or suitcase. Enjoy training and building body figures everywhere and anytime, like reading, doing household chores, working, watching TV, or even during business or leisure trips.

Gel Pads

The ab stimulator belt itself comes with 14 gel pads totally. Before use, please keep the body part that needs to be exercised clean firstly, and then stick the gel pads on the corresponding areas. After use, the gel pads can be washed with water. As it is a consumable product, the number of uses is limited. When the adhesion is not enough, please replace new gel pads.

Suitable for most people

Works great especially suitable for most people, including sports lovers, fitness enthusiasts, commuters, white collars, no time for gyming, and more.

NOTE: Please contact the seller to get replacement if the gel pads are not sticky.

Package Includes:

1 x EMS Body Pad

2 x EMS Arm Pads

3 x Main Device

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Especially Suitable for:

Sports lovers
Fitness Enthusiasts
Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming
Post-partum and more

You could get away with wearing this underneath shirt if you wanted at work and no one would know it’s there, you can do muscle training in the office, bedroom, or any place you want. Not just in the gym.

Level of Intensity
USB Charging

[NOTE: Please contact the seller to get replacement if the gel pads are not sticky.] EMS TECHNOLOGY – The EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology is through the current stimulation, directly to the signal to muscle, to promote muscle movement. No harm to the human body and just let you enjoy scientific and healthy fitness.
EFFICIENT FITNESS – You can gain tighter and stronger muscles and a perfect figure after consecutive use of this product for about 8 weeks (about 15-20 minutes per time, 1-2 times per day)
EASY TO USE – Designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. Fix the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle. To power on, press the “+” button for 3 seconds; to power off, press the “-” button for 3 seconds; to select modes, press “M”; to increase intensity or decrease intensity, press “+” “-” continuously. (NOTE: It is recommended to increase the intensity from the lowest level step by step).
POWERFUL FUNCTIONS – Please read the user manual before use and fit the contours of your abdomen, arms, hip or Legs tightly. Choose different modes and different levels of intensity.
WORRY-FREE WARRANTY – We believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with a 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

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