ALLMAX Nutrition CARBion+ with Electrolytes + Hydration, Gluten-Free + Vegan Certified, Unflavored, 30 Servings, 870 Grams
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Product Description

carbion hydration endurance recovery drinkcarbion hydration endurance recovery drink

complex carbs and electrolytes scoop lockcomplex carbs and electrolytes scoop lock

carbion takes hydration to a new levelcarbion takes hydration to a new level

carbion unflavored energy recovery drinkcarbion unflavored energy recovery drink

Carbion+ Electrolyte and Hydration Energy Drink, Unflavored 870 g

Sustained energy source
All four key electrolytes
Perfect mixability
Exceptional taste

BETTER HYDRATION: The electrolyte blend has been ramped up with more of the 4 key electrolytes that you need to stay hydrated during intense exercise. In addition, the source of these electrolytes has been optimized for improved absorption. Utilizing bicarbonate and citrate forms in addition to the more typical chloride forms results in improved absorption as well as improved taste.
FUELS IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: The Phased Delivery Energy Blend was designed to provide fuel for your entire workout without the energy crash associated with sugar based sports drinks. Tests performed with high performance athletes during training has confirmed up to 50% improvement in stamina as well as a reduced perception of fatigue.
REFRESHING TASTE, GREAT FLAVORS: CARBION+ has been reformulated with a highly soluble carbohydrate blend that mixes easily and results in a clear, refreshing, incredibly delicious drink that will crush your thirst. A perfectly balanced blend of multiple forms of electrolytes has eliminated the salty, metallic taste often associated with high electrolyte levels.
NEVER LOSE YOUR SCOOP: Gone are the days of digging through your supps to get your scoop. SCOOP-LOCK is ergonomically designed to lock your scoop into place the first time and every time it’s right there at the top of your CARBION+ when you open it!

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