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When we think of an anti-inflammatory diet we obviously think of foods that can drastically reduce inflammation. Let’s see first, what is inflammation and what is it for?

It is the process that protects the body against disease. It is an immune response of the body when it feels threatened by external irritants, which disturb the balance of our general health. So inflammation is most of the time an ally. Keep in mind that if there is inflammation, it indicates that something is wrong. So treat the problem at the source, not just the inflammation.

Inflammation increases the number of antibodies and immune cells in the body. The molecules modify the behavior of cells and tissues to fight potential infections. However, excessive or prolonged inflammatory attacks will eventually weaken the body making it more vulnerable to diseases.

An anti-inflammatory diet is a healthy way to eat because it minimizes eating foods that can cause inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory foods:

unprocessed or minimally processed foods, including raw foods. Foods of plant origin means fruits and vegetables with as little starch and sugar as possible Olive oil and other sources of monounsaturated fats Fish and fatty acid supplements omega-3 Relaxing herbal teas (chamomile, holy basil, St. John’s wort)

People who wish to follow an anti-inflammatory diet should know the general properties of their food.

Then, they can choose an established structure that suits their situation. To do this, I strongly suggest that you consult an experienced naturopath. Moreover, once your food structure has been designed according to your needs, this same naturopath should be able to advise you on the supplements to take to accompany your progress.

Luc Plante (ND)


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