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Athlos Fitness Ab Mat with Tailbone Protector – Ab Mats for Sit Ups – Ab Workout Mat – Full Range of Motion Ab Trainer
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Athlos Fitness Ab Mat

The Athlos Fitness Ab Mat is made to help support your tailbone while working as a sit up pad.

Designed with an extra cushion, our abmat will help relieve the pain that is often experienced when performing a high volume ab workout.

Portable and lightweight design that makes it easy to store or travel with.

A safe, comfortable design contoured to your lower back to provide back support cushion and to help prevent injury.

Designed to offer a full range of motion while targeting the entire abdominal muscle group. Great exercise mats for home gym

Can be used with a variety of exercises that isolate upper and/or lower abs, as well as the obliques and lower back muscles. Perfect ab mats for sit ups

No more balancing! Unlike fitness balls, the Abdominal Mat won’t roll or wobble on you, so you can focus on your workout.

Specific arch design naturally curves to your lower back allowing for a more effective sit up. High density foam gives perfect support.

One size fits all. Perfect for both Men and Women

Sit Up Mat



abmat for crossfit

abmat for crossfit

crossfit abmat

crossfit abmat


Our abmat should be used when performing a traditional sit up in order to increase your range of motion and get a full abdominal workout.


Using our ab mat as a sit up pad will allow you to lay all the way back and get a full range of motion while still having back support.


Placing your feet together and sitting in the butterfly position causes the movement to focus completely on your abdominal core. The legs and hip flexers are neutralized allowing the core to perform the sit up.

sit up matsit up mat



Our ab mat is made from the highest quality dense foam pad so it will stand up to the test and won’t break down.


Ab Mat To Go

Our simple fold design allows you to take your mat with your wherever you go. It works great in the yoga studio, pilates, barre, gym, or right in your living room. This simple and easy to use ab mat will give you the support you need.

Get Full Range of Motion – Fitness mat designed for ab workouts . This premium, high-density ab trainer workout mat with tailbone protector provides stability , constant tension , and a full-range of motion which regular crunches do not provide to help you get that six pack abs and a flat stomach
Work Your Entire Core – The ab exercise mat isolates the abs and takes the hip flexors out of the equation so that you can do perfect situp reps . Our quality fitness equipment provides complete isolation of your abdominals during crunches , leg lifts and sit-ups . This workout equipment for abs will not hurt your lower back making this your most effective abs workout
Premium Quality Workout Equipment – The heavy duty high density foam exercise mats is perfect for a home gym with safe and comfortable design contoured to your lower back to provide back support. Compact, durable and foldable, it stores easily and you can take it wherever you go
High Quality Ab Mat – Attached foam pad protects and stops abrasion to tailbone , prevents skin burn, and prevents the abdominal trainer from slipping during sit-ups making this the perfect exercise equipment floor mat for everyday use to get a toned and ripped tummy
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied , we will refund or replace your abdominal trainer exercise equipment mat promptly

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