GRIND Fitness Alpha3000 Power Rack, Squat Rack with Barbell Holder, Silver Spotter Arm,2×2 Uprights, Textured Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar, Heavy Duty J-Cups
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(as of Aug 09,2022 20:49:34 UTC – Details)

Like a beacon in the night, the almighty Alpha3000 Power Rack draws all but gives its gift of gains to only those who use its immense power.
100% Steel
💪OVERBUILT POWER RACK – The Alpha3000 Power Rack is made for the home gym owner who wants the ability to lift heavy and have a ton of versatility. Just like with our other squat racks, we sweated the details to make sure we created a power rack we’d be proud to own.
💪750LB STATIC WEIGHT CAPACITY – A power rack should be able to handle heavy slag iron for decades of abuse. We designed the Alpha3000 to remain rigid regardless of the weight on the barbell leaving the trainee feeling safe and focused on their lifts.
💪MULTI-GRIP PULL-UP BAR STANDARD – Every Alpha3000 comes standard with our custom multi-grip pull-up bar designed for prone, neutral, and supine grip chin-ups. Building a barn door back requires a lot of pulling variance and volume; this is the pull up bar designed to get you there.
💪UNIQUE FEATURES THROUGHOUT – Featuring lined j-cups to protect barbell knurling, a tough black powdercoat, black zinc hardware, textured powdercoat on the pull-up bar, safety spotter arms and other details not commonly found on a power rack at this price point.
💪CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE HOME GYM – Not that we have anything against commercial gyms, but there’s nothing like having a space of your own to weight train. The Alpha3000 is sized in such a way to fit in most home gyms while providing the durability needed for even the most careless trainees.

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