INMAKER Exercise Sliders Fitness, Dual Sided Strength Slides, Core Gliding Discs with Carry Bag, Manual and Ebook
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Product Description

core sliderscore sliders

What does 6 pack stand for?

You Are Sexy (v-line abs)
Lower Risk of Diseases (heart, gallbladder, strokes, high cholesterol, etc.)
Less Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat/ Low Body Fat
Strong Willpower
Personal Charisma

Hi, 6 Pack!

exercise sliders

exercise sliders

workout sliders

workout sliders

strength slides

strength slides

All you need is 6 pack, symbol of being in a good condition.

All you need is efficiency, instead of aimless lifting or easy injuries.

All you need is a sleep-bag-size place, instead of a gym.


Low Impact and Effective

Protection on joints in low-frictional weight-bearing workouts.

Enhancement on agility, stability, strength, coordination.

Matches aerobics, gym workout, calisthenics, street workout, etc.

sliders fitnesssliders fitness

2 Optional Sizes

The 7” Core Sliders satisfy needs of defining abs.

The 9” Core Sliders is 2” larger for:

Intense workout. Let’s get pumped!

Quick reps. Burn! Burn more!

Friendly for people with large hands and feet.

gliding discs

gliding discs

workout instruction

workout instruction

sliders for women

sliders for women


a. Use polished plastic side down on carpet/rugs/cloth surfaces.

b. Use padded foam side down on hard wood floor/laminate floor/tile floor.

Mind you. Using a wrong side will scratch your floor or ruin a blanket.

Hands/Feet Placement

As for how to place your hands/feet correctly on the sliders, it’s on the instruction sheet and e-book, varying from moves.

Package Content

Core Sliders*2

Portable Bag*1

Instruction Sheet*1

Portable. Store in the carry bag for home, gym, biz trips, travel, street workout, etc.

Matching. To perform core slider exercises you need only a sleep-bag-size place. 2 sliders spice up home gym, aerobics, calisthenics, street workout, etc. User friendly for beginners, big guys, lifestyle builders and rehab.
Smooth sliders engaging your core. 2 sizes. Regular 7” Rec for defining your abs. The xl 9” Rec for intense workout, quick reps, large hands and feet. Tone and sculpt muscles that are hardly used.
Slippery-proof. Come with a printed instruction and an e-book for reference. Showing how to use at will and how to prevent hands/feet from slipping off. Tone muscles and have control of your body.
Double sided for all surfaces. Polished plastic side is used down on carpet/rugs, foam side down on hard wood/laminate floor. With the portable bag you can carry sliders anywhere at ease. Mind you. Using a wrong side scratches your floor.

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