NonEcho Women Sauna Body Shaper Sweat Suit Sleeve Spa Cami Hot Neoprene Slimming Workout Vest Waist Trainer Top
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Product Description

sweat vestsweat vest

NonEcho sweat shapewear is comprised of a layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material. It helps to boost workout effects, enhance sweating results even everyday activities.Make you sweat inside but stay dry on the outside. This women sweat vest helps in burning tummy fat, reducing your abdomen and waist.

How does this vest works and make you sweat like crazy, burn more fat, produce heat and weight loss?
There are four main steps:
1. Firstly by raising core body temperature, so your body has to work far harder to cool down and maintain a healthy temp. (this is called to thermo regulate).In this process, body burn off at least 50% more fat.
2. Secondly they cause the body to produce a heavy profuse sweat. To create sweat your body uses up massive amounts of fat and energy and burns 0.7 calories for every gram you produce. This actually burns off at least twice amount of calories and fat, accelerating quick weight loss to a tremendous level.
3. Thirdly they put you straight into the fat burning zone which usually takes over 30mins. So your actually burning fat for your full workout instead of just the average 20mins of a 1hr session. This makes fat burning 3 times more effiecient.
4. Fourthly when wearing the vest your metabolic rate is increased by roughly 30% giving you an extra 30% more fat burn whilst working out.
Altogether they burn off at least twice the amount of fat and make you lose weight twice as fast

NonEcho Women Sweating Waist Trainer Vest with Sleeves Neoprene Slimming Tank Top

women sweating vestwomen sweating vest

What can this do for you?

Keeps your upper body warm and heats up your core abdominal area increasing sweating process,achieve sauna effect
Helps in burning tummy fat, reducing abdomen and waist
Waist trainer vest with sleeves makes shoulders sweaty, helps in arm slimming
Trims and shapes upper body with flexible compression
Enhances the abdominal and spinal support
Instant abdominal compression and lumbar support

women sweat vest keeping warmwomen sweat vest keeping warm

sweat vest is made of breathable fabricsweat vest is made of breathable fabric

Soft Breathable Fabric

Neoprene women sweat vest adopts new ventilation fabric which is quick-drying and doesn’t stink too much after prolonged use, easy clean and hand washable

Slimming Vest with Revolutionary Technology

Invisible Wearing under Shirts: sweat vest for women can be worn under shirt, invisible slimmer during daily activities, achieving secret slimming goal

Keep Body Warm in Cold Days: Adopt neoprene material which increase body temperature, keep warm in winter, a best warm clothing, show off perfect body in winter with this body shaper

women sweat vest fit for workoutwomen sweat vest fit for workout

Workout or Fitness

Make any activities or workout. Whether you’re running or doing gym, neoprene shapewear accelerate sweating, leading quick weight loss to a tremendous level. Scientific testing shows an extra 300-800kcals can be used in a workout when wearing a sweat quick weight loss vest.

women waist trainer vest fit for runningwomen waist trainer vest fit for running


Perfect for sport and fitness training, very suitable for those who enjoy exercising sports or go to gym, useful in sweating, weight loss, detoxifying,muscle building, cardio endurance and core strength.

hot slimming vesthot slimming vest

Postpartum Repair

It’s a good body shaper for postpartum recovery. Neoprene material helps sweating more to burn off fat and toxin quickly, flatten abdomen, firm tummy and love handles, compression help correct posture, leading to a better and quick postpartum body shape repair.

women sauna vest fit for daily causal wearingwomen sauna vest fit for daily causal wearing

Casual Wearing

In addition to wearing doing sports, you can wear it at home while performing daily tasks, also this sweat vest can work as a casual shirt. It can be worn under a common shirt.

women sweat vest fit for workoutwomen sweat vest fit for workout

women waist trainer vest fit for runningwomen waist trainer vest fit for running

hot slimming vesthot slimming vest

women sauna vest fit for daily causal wearingwomen sauna vest fit for daily causal wearing

U-shaped sweat vest for women

U-shaped sweat vest for women

Underarm Vent of sauna vest

Underarm Vent of sauna vest

workout vest

workout vest

U-Shape Underbust

With open bust design, choose your favorite sports bra to show out good figure

Visible Armpit Breathable Hole

Neoprene Sweating Shapewear with Armpit Breathable Mesh Design Helps to Volatilize Stink After Prolonged Use,Visible Armpit Breathable Hole Keep You Cool and Dry When Doing Sports

Exquisite Sewing Technology

Adopt Three-needle Four-wire Sewing Process, Well Stitches, More Fastness

Zipper closure
Exclusive Material: New breathable neoprene, called ‘airprene’, soft, high elastic,lightweight and comfortable.(Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent, Hang Dry to Maintain Shape & Elasticity, Keep Zipper More Longer Life)
Increase Sweat Up to 3 Times More: In the case of an exercise program, using a neoprene sweating vest with an insulating layer can speed up the calorie burning process of the body, and heat the abdomen to trim waist inches faster, causing sweating during exercise. Sauna sweating vest keeps the body warm even in cold weather
Increase your metabolism more than 5 times faster: The neoprene waist trainer vest helps burn five times more calories and can reach your body shaping goal; it generates heat during exercise, burns fat, and brings out the sauna effect. Tank top with sleeves can speed up weight loss
Scientific Design: New neoprene helps to both auto-regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable, mesh armpit helps to volatilize stink after prolonged use. Sauna vest with zipper very easy to put on and take off, with a closed button, no anymore zipper slip down
Reduce Arms & Correct Posture: Neoprene body shaper is not just a waist trimmer but mobilizes all fat cells making you slimmer,fat burning on shoulders,arms,tummy and back,wearing under clothes provides abdominal compression and lumbar support, sleeves reduce unwanted arm inches

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