Optimo Fitness Ergonomics Bar Grips for Weight Lifting | Bodybuilding, Weightlifting Training | Curved Design Best for Gym Barbell & Dumbbell Exercise Handles Equipment (Pair 1.6 Inch Width)
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Are you looking for comfortable & durable grips for barbell & dumbbell? Also, weight lifting hand grips that will improve your grip strength?
Meet the innovative Optimo Grips by Optimo Fitness Ergonomics. Our ergonomic grips easily attach to many equipment with handles (1.1 inch, straight grip) to improve your grip strength and double up your gains.
Using an ergonomic wing, our grips provide more surface area so you can crush your PRs while lifting safely.

Redefining Ergonomics in Weight Lifting Grips
Optimo Grips were created to be the most durable, versatile & comfortable grips. When you hold these in your hands, the experience screams ERGONOMIC. Based on the contour features of the hand, our design evenly distributes the load throughout the palm, especially on heavy presses.

Super-versatile & easy to use, Yet so Durable
Made of high-density silicone rubber which gives you a solid feeling grip on the weights, you are set to use our grips for a long time. Each handle is designed to clamp onto medium diamond knurling for increased grip during pushing and pulling exercises like triceps pushdowns and bicep curls.
Install it in seconds by following 2 easy steps: 1. Spread open the grips; 2. Attach to the bar

Innovative Contact Pad
– Unique 1-inch-wide contact pad neutralizes pressure on the wrist, elbow and helps reduce the risk of injury.
– These weight lifting grips increase the thickness or diameter of a bar or dumbbell handle by a half-inch while giving you a padded section to place your palm on and hold the weight securely in place.
– The ergonomic wing design of these grips also creates a softer end for extra comfort and a slightly conical shape for the hands, providing a secure feeling that’s unparalleled to grasping onto conventional dumbbell and barbell handles.

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⍟ GET AN INSTANTLY STRONGER GRIP: As one of the essential workout accessories for men, the revolutionary Optimo Grips instantly improve comfort, form, and control of many regular barbells, dumbbells, cable attachments, and exercise machine handles (1.1 inch, Olympic, straight grip) at your gym for a more engaging workout. Using Optimo Grips 1.6” is similar to barbell fat grips or dumbbell thick grips, but more practical with so many more possibilities due to the innovative curved design.
⍟ EFFECTIVE WEIGHTLIFTING EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES: These bar grips for weightlifting diversify the fitness equipment and engage a variety of target muscle groups including arms, delts, chest, and back. Grow every muscle and improve grip strength and forearm size with these unique gym fat grips. Use the fit grips as chest workout bench-press barbell grips, bicep curl support bar grip & dumbbell lifting bar grips, shoulder barbell presses, triceps and forearm workout equipment, and much more.
⍟ IMPROVE YOUR LIFTING ERGONOMICS: Do you feel discomfort and like you are losing power in your grip while lifting? Our unique curved design gives more support for your palms and more natural hand placement on the bar allowing for safer and more effective training. The added “ergonomic wing” provides more surface area where it matters the most so you can lift more and get maximum gains. Convert any bars within seconds in 2 easy steps: 1-Spread open the grips, 2-Attach to the bar.
⍟ MAINTAIN PROPER FORM: Are you feeling weakness in your wrists and struggling to keep a good form? Here where the Optimo hand grips for bars & dumbbells help you maintain proper joint positioning and form while also reducing joint pain in your hands, wrists, fingers, and elbows. This relieves negative fibrous muscle tension so you can safely push through. That makes these weight grips for bar one of the essential weightlifting accessories for men & women.
⍟ QUALITY & DURABILITY YOU CAN DEPEND ON: Unlike the clunky, easy to tear rubber weight lifting bar grips, the Optimo Grips are made from tough, impact-resistant silicone rubber compound that will endure even your most gruesome of workouts. Whether it is the bench press, triceps press downs, cable bar curls, or any other challenging presses, the workout grips will last through it all, and for years to come!

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