Physical exercise good for morale

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Among those who participate in vigorous physical activity such as joggers, the following fact is well known: after 15 to 30 minutes of sustained effort, the mind reaches a slightly euphoric state where thoughts are spontaneously positive and even creative.

This is caused by hormones called endorphins which are released in the body during exercise. The effect of endorphins does not wear off over time. The more the natural pleasure mechanism is stimulated [de cette fa├žon], the more sensitive it seems to become. And people who exercise regularly get more pleasure from the little things in life: their family, their cat, their meals, their reading, the smile of a passerby in the street.

Research shows that exercise can be as effective, if not more, than drugs for treating depression. The dosage of activity is important – both in intensity, duration and frequency – too much is not better than not enough. The consensus among researchers seems to be that 20 minutes at medium intensity, three times a week, is enough to have an effect on the part of the brain that modulates mood.

So let’s take action!

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