SHYZ Head Cervical Spine Neck Exercise Neck Strength Stretching Eight-Bearing Adjustable Training Fitness Equipment Headband Equipment Exercise Intensity of Shoulder and Neck
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Price: $86.00

☢ 1 ■ This neck fitness band is designed and tested by weightlifters. It provides a strong neck connection for the strengthening of the neck muscles, allowing your bones to be easily worn on the body
☢ 2 ■ Because the lifestyle of modern people staring at the computer or mobile phone screen for a long time has brought a dull pain in the shoulders and necks, neck muscle training can help the cervical spine share a lot of pressure on the cervical spine caused by head gravity, which can reduce the “head-down family” and desk work Achieve healthy shoulders and necks and eliminate pain
☢ 3 ■ Multifunctional design: Not only can it be used by people who are exposed to sports, but it is also an ideal resource for people looking for tones and tight necks. In addition, youth sports and those seeking post-light neck training methods can also benefit from our nape structure.
☢ 4 ■ Can be easily loaded into a gym bag.
☢ 5 ■ The high-quality strap neck muscle builder has long-term durability and comfort.

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