Sunny Health & Fitness Air Fan Rowing Machine Ergometer – SF-RW520050
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Price: $337.51

Be blown away by the effectiveness and dynamic resistance flexibility of the Sunny Health & Fitness Air Fan Rowing Machine Ergometer SF-RW520050. This unique piece of workout equipment helps to achieve a total body exercise experience. Keep up the stamina as cool gust of wind exhales through the machine. Get a fully dynamic resistance ergometer rowing machine in the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW520050. Max User Weight: 245 LB. Slide rail inseam: 45 IN

DIGITAL MONITOR: Stay on top of your workouts and performance. Track your time, stroke count, calories burned and repetitions per minute.
AIR RESISTANCE: The large 8 bladed fan produces dynamic resistance with every stroke. Easily adjust the resistance on the fly. The quicker and faster you row, the more resistance is generated.
AIR VENTS: Control the flow of the air as well as your workouts. The air outlet vent blows cool wind with each row.
CONVENIENT MOUNTING: With a peak slide rail clearance of 12.5 inches off the ground, the user may mount or dismount the rower with ease.
NON-SLIP HANDLEBAR: Slip resistant handlebars with soft padded foam grip provide comfort and stability.
CUSHIONED SEAT: The cushioned seat gives users a comfortable rowing experience without sacrificing support.
FLOOR STABILIZERS: Prevent any wobbling during your workout sessions. Simply adjust so that the rowing machine is correctly leveled with your floors.

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