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The influence of diet and physical activity on brain repair.

A growing number of basic scientific studies indicate that environmental conditions and experiences encountered in people’s daily routines can dramatically affect the brain’s ability to respond to challenges.

In particular, certain types of dietary factors, such as:

Omega-3 fatty acids can increase the production of molecular systems, while diets high in saturated fat do the opposite. Exercise in turn also shows that it has healing effects on the brain.

In summary, the 2 combined showed repair at the level of certain neurons.


One of the key components in the recovery of neurons during trauma is omega-3. Among others, DHA, the most important form in * omega-3s for improving cognitive functions. * Of course, there are several other uses for omega-3 fatty acid, but what interests us in this article is its action on the brain. Because the human body is not able to produce its own DHA, supplementing the diet with foods rich in DHA or a quality omega-3 supplement is important in order to ensure the proper functioning of neurons and facilitate neuronal recovery after injury.


Another food supplement for the protection of neurons is vitamin E, present in certain oils, nuts and spinach. The function of vitamin E is to reduce free radicals (which can affect the optimal function of neurons). Vitamin E has also been shown to increase cognitive performance in the elderly. Curcumin, in turn known to reduce inflammation, also has benefits for the brain.


From a dietary point of view, eating too much and at too much frequency harms the “good health” of neurons. It seems that eating a lot of saturated fat, as in the case of junk food, would lead to poorer neural performance.


As with diet, physical activity can significantly reduce oxidative stress. That said, paired with a suitable food structure, your chances of improvement will be great.

Neural health is an extremely large and complex subject. I could tell you more about supplements, diet and physical activity, but I’ve given you the highlights. There are several other supplements that you may find helpful depending on your needs. To do so, consult an experienced naturopath and / or go to one of our Nutrition Sports Fitness stores for the appropriate advice according to your needs.

Luc Plante (ND)


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