Valor Fitness CHN-3 Straight & CHN-UP Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pullup/Chin Up Bars for Home Gym Exercise and Workout
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The Valor Fitness CHN-3 Straight Pullup Bar/Chin Up Bar and CHN-UP Multi Grip Pullup Bar/Chin Up Bar are 2 heavy-duty wall mounted pullup bars that will take your total upper body strength to the next level! Each pull up bar is constructed of solid steel for strength and durability to hold up to 400 lb of your body weight under repeated use (must be mounted correctly to cement or studs to safely support maximum weight capacity – wall mount hardware/screws included). You have the option of the CHN-3 Straight/Horizontal Pullup/Chin Up Bar and the CHN-UP Multi Grip Pullup/Chin Up Bar – each with their own unique features! The CHN-3 Pull Up Bar features an adjustable straight chin up bar that allows you to install the bar at the perfect position for you, depending on the amount of clearance from the wall you may need or which direction you may be facing during your pull up workout. The CHN-3 extends 32″ from the wall and allows you to perform basic pull ups and chin ups as well as more advanced movements such as kipping pull ups, butterfly pull ups, and many others. The CHN-UP offers versatility as well, with 6 unique pullup positions including a close grip, standard grip, wide grip, and an angled grip, allowing you to target the different muscles in your upper body in a variety of ways! The CHN-UP extends slightly less from the wall compared to the CHN-3, at 30″. Whether you are looking for a straightforward or more unique pullup/chin up bar, the Valor Fitness CHN Wall Mounted Pullup/Chin Up Bars will help you hit your strength goals!

BUILT LIKE A TANK- No matter how vigorous the movement or how heavy the person, this pullup bar will hold it all. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ steel frame tubing for strength and durability, with the ability to hold up to 400 lb of user body weight!
MULTI-GRIP DESIGN- The 6 different hand grips on this wall pull up bar allow you to play around with all variety of pullups to target all muscle groups. Go from close grip to wide grip to standard grip, and reverse grip for pullup and chin ups.
IMPROVE UPPER BODY – This tank of a home pullup bar is made to target all arm and back muscles and even abdominal muscles. It is the perfect distance out to enable you to perform strict pullups with a slight kip or strict toes to bar.
STABLE- You will never have to worry about this pull-up bar wobbling or shaking. Have confidence in your pull-up bar/chin up bar with extended steel rods on each side of the unit to support more weight. Recommend cement wall mount.
ADDITIONAL- This wall mount pullup bar frame measures 50″ wide, 25″ tall, and extends 29.5″ from the wall. The pullup bar itself measures 48.5″ across. Hand grips are 1.25″ diameter. Meant for home gym and light-commercial use.

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