Waist and Thigh Trimmer – Body 3in1 Fitness Trainer Gifts for Women
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Gootus 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh TrainerGootus 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh Trainer

Gootus 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh Trainer will help you to remove excess water weight, exercises the abdomen, thigh, and hips, and maximizes the optimum temperature in those areas to burn off the calories for a slimmer physique. By keeping the heat generated by your body, you can, keep moving, sweat off those excess inches and achieve a trim thigh silhouette and sweet abs. At the same time, you benefit from fantastic sport support to your lower back muscles to fight back against possible pain, relieve hips and sciatica nerve.

Keeping your body free from sweat during exercise, and ensuring that you lose more inches quicker than ever, Gootus Body Premium 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer was professionally designed to give you workout results.

Our Unique Premium Latex-Free Neoprene (Made in TW) allows for a more comfortable and effective pro waist shaper that eliminates unwanted odors, wicks away sweat, and helps you achieve the slim midsection or your dreams.

Gootus Waist TrimmerGootus Waist Trimmer

With Support from the Gootus Premium 3-in-1 Waist and Thigh Trimmer:

Helps reduce water weight
Targets thighs and lower waist
Soft and flexible material
Increases Circulation
Thigh Compression Support
Designed with a grid lining that will not only repel moisture but limits slipping & bunching during activities
Contoured flexible waist & thigh belts that have adjustable Velcro straps.
Made to fit snug but comfortable to wear during any activity.



Strong and adjustable Velcro

Strong and adjustable Velcro

Premium Latex-Free Neoprene

Premium Latex-Free Neoprene



Premium Training Fitness Enhancer

Custom engineered to help you lose weight, optimize your metabolism and shed that extra belly & thigh fat. Our Waist trimmer is designed with superior craftsmanship to retain optimal body temperature in the abdominal and thigh area – assisting in fat loss and the improved burning of calories during exercise.

Strong and Adjustable Velcro Straps

Strong and Adjustable Velcro can be flexibly adjusted to suit your size and shape, can be comfortably adapted to the thigh during exercise, providing effective thigh support and maintaining muscles perfectly.

Unique Premium Latex-Free Neoprene

Made with Unique Premium Extra-thick Latex-Free Neoprene for an enhanced sweating experience. Plus Non-slip surface designed to repel moisture and stress ensuring the prevention of bacteria build-up and eliminating unwanted odors common with lower quality variations.

Perfect Size for Women Fitness

Gootus Trimmer provides 2 sizes, fits most women.

The S/M Size will fit for natural waistline: 27.5-35.5 inches;

The L/XL Size will fit for natural waistline: 35.6-41.5 inches.


Everybody dreams to have a much trimmer and toned tummy but the mid-section flab has always been the hardest to go. Losing weight and a few inches in the waist is a struggle for both men and women.

Have you ever wondered how you could accelerate the results of your hard work?

Gootus Waist and Thigh Trimmer help cutting extra weight off by helping to improve thermogenic activity and sweat. It will also lift the hip when working, traveling, or lying down at home. It is a waist trainer and a thigh trimmer sweat belt. The 3 in 1 trimmer is suitable for weight loss training, running, fitness, Yoga, Gym, workout, or even postpartum support girdles. It’s also a perfect gift for women.

Adjustable 3 strap velcro design allows you to adjust the amount of compression on each thigh to your level of comfort. It is flexible to adjust to your size and shape, contoured to fit around your thighs comfortably during exercise, provide effective thigh support, and hold the muscle perfectly. It is very comfortable to wear all day.


1. If your waist measurement is between two size, please choose a bigger one.

2. Only hand washing and hang air dry. Please wash the shaper before wearing at the first time.

3. When you wear the shapewear at the first time, you may feel tight or uncomfortable. Please don’t worry, it will be better after 2 days try.

4. Neoprene material may be similar to a “wetsuit smell”, don’t worry, this will dissipate over a short time by washing and normal exposure to air.

Weight Loss Body Shaper – Gootus waist & tight trainer corset bands are designed to enhance sweat and thermogenesis in the key target areas of your core, the stomach, midsection, waist, and thighs.
3 IN 1 Effect – Thigh trimmer + high waist trainer + hip raise. Lift your butt, trim your waist and thigh, melt fat, and reduce water weight during exercise enhancing thermogenic activity and sweat.
Premium Material – Made with the Premium latex-free Neoprene for Superior heat insulation, is naturally flexible to fit around your waist and thigh comfortably, and the grid inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during your workout.
Helps Relieve Hips and Sciatica Nerve – Our compression support helps increase blood flow, easing muscle pain around the groin, hips, and lower back Its gentle compression aids in swift, healthy recovery from aggravating groin, hip, thigh, and hamstring injuries. With adjustable straps, it sports a custom fit that maximizes comfort.
100% Satisfied – We make a great effort into offering you the best quality Body Shaper Belt on the market. If any questions contact us first and we will meet your request, exchange/return is available.

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